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hey asshole

get your fcuking fat finger off the control button. asleep before were we !!!



There needs to be balance and movement in the world, otherwise the whole thing is broken. Like a seesaw in the park, when one end is up the other end is down. And if one end goes up the other end must go down otherwise there is no ride and the equipment does not work. When the plank is exactly level then there is balance.
When some like to hedge so that they are on all sides of the fence, they tend to want all ends up in the air at the same time so that they don’t miss out on anything.seeesaw
In this scenario, if one hedged side happens to loose ground, the pig headed donkey kicks – so you had better watch where you are standing.
And being hedged on all sides and expecting all sides to perform at full throttle at all times is what I call Assacracy (donkey = ass + acracy = assacracy)
Assacracy = Unreasonable expectations already built on unstable foundations.

Video :- Assacracy well explained

Video :- ‘madness’


ssmokeWhat the fcuk are they smoking !!!

I’m alright Jack – stuff the rest !!!allrightjack



Oh dear, Uncle Sam, you are going to need resuscitation !!!


money, prostitution and lawlessness …


oh the great pretenders

How Dare You …

how dare you think for one minute, that you can play me like a cat plays with a mouse. and by the way, that is the only way you have ever thought. as far as you’re concerned, we’re only play thing to you.

grow up


I don’t need to be tested. Turn the fcuking water back on. Stop taking guests, if there is not enough water to meet their needs, then it is a health hazard. you’re an absolute moronic prick with nothing better to do with your time than to harass people. go fcuk charlotte and annoy someone else. If you jab a dog with a stick often enough and for long enough, it becomes savage. sound like anything you know of. I could not HATE you any more if I tried.

Get then OUT NOW

I have never heard noise in the space on the opposite side of the brick wall, in the building next door until now. This has been a normal occurrence. Where ever I move to or stay, they (the donkey and cohorts) move in and set up their surveillance equipment. Nothing ever that benefits me has ever come of this exercise – so therefore GET THEM OUT NOW – NEVER TO RETURN UNDER ANY GUISE.

Voodoo Doll

someone must have a voodoo doll of me –  two days after the knife incident, on waking my leg was left leg was life thisIMG-20130622-00522IMG-20130622-00525

yes it look and feels like severe burns – and no I don’t sleep walk.

On my thigh I have a large lump, a smaller mark and a large, faded like bruise –

it must have been that pig headed stinking donkey.




update 29 June 2013


Franken Foot v Normal Foot

IMG-20130629-00540 IMG-20130629-00546

Franken Foot

Franken Foot


Not until a pig headed donkey decides to give instructions to releases the constraints to the healing of the leg and foot will both be able improve !!!

until then I am like a prisoner in a cell, with only movement between my cell and the bathroom, being fed through the window three times a day.

and the game playing and testing continues as if they have nothing better to do with their time, energy and resources which intern keeps their pea brains occupied.


updated 7 July 2013


one of the good things about having crutches, other than ease of getting to the bathroom, is that I don’t have to get up to turn the light on or off.


updated   15. July. 2013

IMG-20130716-00572 IMG-20130716-00576 IMG-20130716-00578 IMG-20130716-00579

Went down stairs last night for the first time in approx. 3 weeks.

Had not been off this floor in that time frame.


photos taken 21 July 2013

IMG-20130721-00582 IMG-20130721-00587 IMG-20130721-00591