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Senggigi Beach Lombok

This guy with his traditional blow gun & darts, with real metal tips wanted money for me to be able to take a photo (most of them do). When I told him that I was going to put it on the internet to promote him he followed me every where and at every turn wanted me to film him displaying his  blow gun. That’s why it was filmed late in the afternoon on an overcast day. I had to, to shut him up and to give me some space! Gotta love these people!!

Friends of Senggigi


this is lovely Lan (the hat seller) on the left and Hamburg (the batik card seller) on the right. Both sell on the beach &/or in the main street of Senggigi. They would have coffee with me at the Wira cafe some mornings. Lan gave me a bottle of his self made, home made, cold pressed coconut oil. Good for moisturising your skin and cooking food. You can see it in the middle of the table.

I was to have a day with Hamburg in Mataram to see the sights. I was looking forward to it but as it turned out I had to leave the area in a big hurry!

Note :- I didn’t only have male friends I had also made friends with some ladies at the beach – ‘massage’? And that’s not what your thinking either !!!

When in Senggigi on your way to the Gili islands, consider purchasing a hat from Lan or a batik card from Hamburg.



If there is light in the soul

there is beauty in the person

if there is beauty in the person

there will be harmony in the house

if there is harmony in the house

there will be order in the nation

if there is order in the nation

there will be peace in the world