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Beware the Normalcy Bias


Homework !!!

Council’s New Crematorium to open Wednesday
NASA’s Project Blue Beam
If you have been doing your homework in order to get your head around all this (sometimes not easy), you’ll put the pieces together with the information contained in these two articles.
Project Blue Beam article – the main part is in the last paragraph before the authors name (Serge Monast) is written – ‘If you cannot see, if you cannot learn, if you cannot understand, then you and your family and friends will succumb to the fires of the crematoria that have been built in every major city on earth, built to deal with you. No one is safe in a totalitarian police state!’
If this doesn’t wake you up, get you off your ass, out of your slumber and taking action – NOW – then nothing will and your beyond help — GOOD LUCK – YOUR GOING TO NEED IT.

Darkest Secret – Autogenocide

Time to Take Your Relatives Home Folks …

‘The Great Culling’  –  controlled extermination  –  my instincts tells me this is only going to excellerate  – worldwide  –  BEWARE

Fire in Russian Psychiatric Hospital That Killed 38 Stirs Anger Over State’s Neglect


At the other end of the spectrum  –  Smart Syrians protect themselves from sniper attack

The Veils of Aleppo: Photos of War-Torn Syria


Boston Bombing  – my browsers won’t play these videos (wonder why !!!)  –  I trust this source for news items – have been following for a while now  —  judge for yourself

Woman says she saw suspect hit by police SUV and then shot by police

Ooops! The “Boston Bombers” family tied by marriage to a top CIA official.

Amputee Actors Used in Boston Attack  — if you feel like it is all like being on a movie set, then you want to try living my life – it’s like a movie set 24/7.


do I need to record this and post it online

it was alright yesterday when it was new – now it doesn’t behave properly – I have endured enough of this over the last twelve years to know who and what is behind this

do you want me to spill my guts  —  I have given you enough time and chances to repent and make amends  —  times up

I’ve got plenty to post as it is  —  I’ve already said I have plenty in the tank  —  your pushing me over the edge  —  when it all drops your not going to like the outcome

I’ll be shoving this so far up your ass  —  you’ll be eating this for breakfast for the rest of your days  — promise

your nothing but a moronic piece of shit

do you want me to start with the stories of when and how all this started   —  I know others didn’t like the NEWS  —  they wanted to end the meeting very quickly  —  I get the feeling you will too !!!


last straw has been drawn  —  boy


can’t help it but to RAPE me one more time – can you

do I look in your pockets?

do I look in your wallet?

do I look in your bags?

do I look up your nose?


so why the fcuk do you need to do it to every inch of my life  –  your sick  –  seek help


I don’t think so – you’re already insane !!!