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A Promise …


as I have talked about it before on this blog, my brain has been connected up to computers. Looking at the linked web site, you can see info on being connected to computers.

Yesterday (29 April 2014) “they” wanted me to go into KL city so “they” could connect my brain up to a satellite and therefore anywhere I go in the world, there will be a connection at their disposal – how convenient for them !!!

At the present time their plan is to use my brain to plan and implement the NWO – actually opposite to my own personal priorities.

Every thing always works in the opposite. Just wait until it all bites them on the ass.

If I have anything to do with it – that’s a PROMISE.


Web Ranking …


Approx. 2-3 months ago I checked this blogs ranking on Alexa. It showed approx 15,250,000 at the time. Pretty good if you ask me, I was chuffed. And I’d never checked it before.

Them I was duped into doing some internet marketing (duped by the powers that be – as they do ! )  (duped to get me away from doing something else they don’t want me doing) (quiet frankly they fall flat on their faces every time). Those in the Dumb Dumb Community (aka Intelligence Community), to fcuking inept to do anything for themselves, stole by stealth my IM skills and implemented them on their & their friends own web sites.

From the date I started my IM activities to today, which is less than one month, my ranking has moved from 15,250,000 to over 16,000,000. Today ranking showed 15,970,330. Ranking does not naturally move that quickly. And ranking has improved from two days ago, most likely due to the clicks on yesterdays postings.

You watch the records being cleaned up on this one in a big hurry so evidence is erased.

Dead or Alive …

bclet me explain this to you. your name is eg: “John Smith”

the birth certificate is actually a trust that no one has told you about or how it is REALLY supposed to work.

the birth certificate was given to you to contact in the public because a natural living person is unable to contract with corporations.

only corporations can contract with corporations

the birth certificate is actually a tool to be able to contract with corporations.

so therefore when anyone from any government department or a corporation asks is this your name : “JOHN SMITH” as on any documentation – your reply is “NO”. It is not you, it is the trust name, designed to look like your name.

They are not able to compel you to do anything when the name is in all capitals because the birth certificate is a DEAD thing.

but please remember, stepping outside the matrix must be done with responsiblity, and you REALLY need to know what you are doing otherwise you might find yourself in DEEP WATER.

take care and good luck. xxxx


attacked in a restaurant …

chairfight #2morning of Sunday 27.April 2014, had orange juice at usual haunt. Arrived at 2nd venue for toast and tea. waited, nothing arrived. Asked & asked for food to be delivered – not one waiter was willing to comply – all game playing. wrote order on docket & pushed waiter towards kitchen showing him how it’s done. he stopped & turned, approx. 8-9 other goons came in, – one in particular – I asked for order – ripped his shirt – he belted me with a chair twice – force from over his head. I fought back with chair at him. I have lump on right temple, bruised right arm, bruised left fingers, hand & arm, been hit in the jaw, limping left foot. lost approx. three hours in episode.

I don’t remember packing my things away in my bag at the restaurant (they were packed not as I would pack them), leaving the restaurant, walking back to my accommodation or climbing the stairs. I only recall walking into reception where “the little pixie” handed me a bottle of water.

there is three possible scenarios:

1.   while walking to venue 2 was thinking about theft of my sarong and hat and possible solutions as compensation. Attacked for thoughts and not actions !

2.   I believe the “establishment” wanted some work done and as they like it – make money out of nothing & not have to pay for it. “They” have been wanting to deeper mind control me in order to get what they want. So therefore took the opportunity to traumatized me at the restaurant and perform deeper mind control.

3.    the chair fight was a cover for the bruises on me, particularly my head, right arm and left middle fingure, which I feel could most likely be areas of device implants.

the rest is now history

not ink on middle finger

not ink on middle finger

Photo on 30-04-14 at 9.36 PM

bruised arm

Rape …

rapeRaped beyond belief …

I’ve talked about this before on this blog – “they” have tapped into the unconscious part of my brain and run their computers off of it. it drains my energy, gives me a head ache, my head and body vibrate as a result. at night when I’m trying to sleep is when “they” use my brain capacity the most. This is rape beyond belief and they are not stopping. I am not shown an ounce of respect or consideration. I even believe the information obtained from my brain is being used in space exploration.

Note: all the abuses perpetrated on me is not free, you will be sent an invoice, which will be paid. You are not going to like the cost.


all “their” perpetrated crimes are an addiction and NO ONE is stopping them. not even their moral compass.

thought technology …

smoke & mirrors on thought technology

smoke & mirrors on thought technology

sthought technology: in my case thought technology has been employed for some time now (at a guess when 4G came in).

there is huge teething problems in implementing this technology due to gung-ho attitudes.

what I detect happening is false emotion reception by myself which in turn triggers false thought output – most times very foreign to my natural thought and emotion responses to events. And other times just false thought output. The technology is very sensitive and picks up thoughts that I am not even aware of. In due course to these outputs (false readings), they cause me a lot of trouble. False thought and emotional responses seem to come from other people through advanced technology &/or are deliberately manipulated to cause desirable or undesirable responses depending on the manipulator.

It does not matter how many times I say that there is a problem, it falls on deaf ears due to their personal priorities.

personally I do not support thought technology as it has only been used against me in every possible way & thoughts are private.

as well, every other recent technology implemented has been used against me and my ability to earn a living and live a decent life.

quiet frankly I’m sick to death of the whole bloody lot – they are sick beyond belief and just don’t know when to stop.

I got a little story …

bankwent to post office today to see if my return receipt had arrived for delivery of B/C to Treasury. When envelope was posted, I was told return receipt would be available for pick up, 30 days hence. Today was 13 days out from initial posting date. When enquired at counter, told contradictory information to that given on posting day for collection of receipt. Due to false information, I requested written, signed letter from post office authority guaranteeing receipt be held for pick up by certain date. When agreeing on details of letter, was asked for bank details and other personal information. You can guess my response. For my personal financial privacy I employ accounts with no statement, no government revenue number, no transferes between accounts. I walk funds between accounts and between banks.