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Earth at night from NASA website


Love this pic – Earth at night from NASA website



blank … from an ordinary life, to extraordinary experiences…



NOTICE: if you don’t like the content of this blog, then don’t read it. It’s as simple as that.

Just remember, they have taken my dreams away with their technology, as a person dancing on this earth, that severely debilitates me, as you may understand. Then they like to BLAME as their excuse for the outcomes.

you don’t have to listen to the BULLSHIT I’m forced to listen to 24/7 – V2K  –  have a turn and see how you fare.

He/they are getting business ideas and consultations all the time and I’m not shown one ounce of consideration – all taken by stealth

brain to computer technology – he/they have tried to monetorise



was staying with parents after return from QLD = extended stay two years – couldn’t stay there any longer,moved to shipping container storage facility on Block of land – no power, water, bathroom etc. Slept there at night, eat at cafes in town & read books under cool shade trees in the park by day.

applied unit accommodation – local& next town – supply tight, because of time of year. returned to apply for UGLY unit across other side of town. Day of inspection – group invitation – FF was in attendance – cleaning bathroom – noticed an air of awareness about him. Q. him about elements of the living conditions in the unit – received informative answers – more than you would get from most people.

about one week later notified approval for tenancy. On moving in FF stuck it’s head out of neighbouring units front door. Q. I thought you’d moved on. With a grin on its face & a skip in its step,stopped to chat for a minute – I finished my mornings activities. A few days went by before FF showed up again – didn’t take long before it became a PEST.

In the time between first meeting & becoming a PEST there were a few evenings spent together & some day trips all over a period of approx.three months.

The present company seemed weird at times both in action & speech. As the three-month period was coming to a close FF’s behaviour became rather strange, until early one morning he departed. I could see in his behaviour he did not want to leave. Not a word was spoken as to why he was leaving, where he was going, for how long or anything else.

time went by, until one day months later the phone rang – low & behold it was the missing piece. And in that time frame I was trying to study accounting by correspondence which became a little trippy & ended up attending classes.

then slowly the volume of phone calls increased until it became known as the PEST. The PEST would often talk about visiting especially at christmas time, over the holidays. and guess what happened – ‘it’ never turned up ‘surprise’ ‘surprise’. and I’d say that little game was to keep me on a string, grounded & waiting. I thought to my self ‘if I don’t take myself for a break/holiday, I’m not going to get one’. So towards the end of the Xmas holiday, before classes resumed I took myself on a little excursion down the coast because I could see if I didn’t I wasn’t going to get one.

Diary C/link form – asked if had one of these forms before.


The year before was doing 2-3 night classes in accounting. 2002 picked up a few more classes – some day. many phone calls from FF, some just a chat, some became annoying, because I was trying to study & the chats were getting in the way. Most phone calls were on a Friday night – I was beginning to feel as if I was just ‘FREE entertainment on a Friday night’. There was nothing else in it.

Come about Aug and a neighbour known to both died of cancer. Received phone call – asked if wanted to fly to Perth, drive back nullarbor plainsacross Nullarbor Plain (three-day trip) & attend funeral. Sounded good. Took opportunity.  At airport departure – bloke not known to me asked ‘why are you going to Perth?’ A. ‘I just got a phone call images& was told ‘get myself over here’. Arrived Perth, stayed one night & left to drive back across Nullarbor next morning. Drove three days & nights solid in order to make the trip in time.


If you’d like your Accommodation, Travel Product, Venue, Food or any other item(s) reviewed, please apply here


Left car at airport long term parking, cost for 3-4 days $45, happily paid for own parking.

Guts full sleeping pills – your turn on top – if you could only see yourself – all groggy next morning – couldn’t go to class – slipped in bathroom – ‘don’t slip & split your head open’.

Stopped at Ceduna & bought Brut deodorant.

Cops stopped us at Ararat

Lunch Williamstown

Bypass sensors/counters Adelaide

check border point – shit himself

hotel dinner – pumped up face

laid on floor & talked – face changed

watched on plain

picked up at airport

asked if he wanted to go to lunch – Baby Black – he barked at me – worst thing he could have done.

morning – he didn’t want to get out of bed – ‘if we don’t leave we are never going to get there. Monday night visited brother – came back not happy – but tried to hide it. Stopped to get Viagra.

toilet stop – petrol stop – I went to toilet,when came out couldn’t see car, thought he had taken off & left me there. Woman in    another car looking in horror at the look on my face as I’m looking to see where the car is. My turn in driver’s seat – he says drive me over to the toilet – hang on a minute I just walked over – you fcuking well walk over !!!

Kangaroos – rained night & many many kangaroos came out & drank water off-road.

Left Thursday morning, packed with apples & water – he would have thrown them out.

went to BBay to pick up daughter. C Park asked to phone reverse charges – trip ‘then it’s over to me’

wrote to Canberra Ombudsman for help to stop what was being done to me. Reply – ‘we don’t know what you want us to do’

racked brains as to where to go, what to do for help. Western Womans Help     Local Govt    Federal Govt     Federal Police


Phone calls continued

remotely copied hard disk of computer

took control of mouse

changed settings in computer – cost me money to have fixed

bought new computer – software planted 1st day, heard dogs barking that night

was asked to visit for a week in the 2nd half March 2003. On arrival asked “what are you doing here?”

backpackers Scarborough

walked to Nedlands  20kms  3-4 hrs

picked stuff up from Scarborough – stayed 1 week

“put me down for two days next week”

oysters & crayfish – went in freezer – “hope you choked”

street directory – next time goes out the window

back to Nedlands – do you know where we are – we’re nearly home.

Fremantle – are you going to show me what you have built,  20 metres – changed to 20 kms  –  20 metres from where we were.

Rent $300 – $350 per week

Argument all week

Red Eye back

Johnny Jeffries – don’t tell her

$30 for taxi to airport – thrown

Not wanted that week – don’t ask again the answer is NO – “you don’t know what has happened”  A. If I don’t know, how am I supposed to understand?”  Reply was – “that’s a good point” Nothing else was said.

fatigued – HAARP while in class


Started University – Economics

phone conversations continued

started studying economics at University – never thought I’d ever study at ‘University’

did only one subject at first, in order to get the hang of it because I understood studying at university was different.

next semester did 2-3 subjects

while at home studying, sitting at desk I could feel digging by big machinery somewhere reasonably close by approx 50 km radius.

the machinery would churn non stop 24/7 – there had been no notification of tunnels or excavation in the media.

also while at university sitting in the lecture room I could feel digging – the same, also standing outside in the yard. Could feel the digging for months on end.

April father broke his hip – sent to Ballarat Hospital for operation, then sent to Melb for open heart operation. Came through open heart out of ICU into Private room. At approx  7 pm received phone call to attend hospital. On arrival walked past ICU double doors, doors wide open. Christine walked past first, staff did not recognise her. I walked past ICU, nurse showed look of recognition on her face. I had seen her before, she knew who I was. Walked down passage and back to ICU room,nurse came out of ICU into passage, approached me and informed me that ‘he had gone”, slight glee in her persona.(because she would get recognition & a nice big pay cheque – dumb ass)

Days later when getting into bed, had vision – nurse pulled white pen type device out of her pocket & injected into fathers neck.

at the time of the funeral ‘he’ was reading my fathers will – filed at central filing depot.

second half of year the phone continued to ring, I answered it less & less. Mostly leaving it off the hook with a tea towel wrapped around it so I couldn’t hear the clicking in & out.

had slight car problem in November, some stolen personal items from car in park.Made phone call to ask for assistance, could you help locate items, mobile phone. Minutes later notified – it’s in the river.

phoned christmas time, short conversation – nothing had changed & that was it.


a year off study

working for Agency – got given a raw deal – Spotless not paying, not getting hours.

Applied NEIS, did Small Business Management Course, started small business.

got work at inner city aged care centre.

PLC    Presbyterian Ladies College – sucking the money out as hard as they can (same as Royal Childrens Hospital & Alfred Hospital to name a few)   Mowbray   Cabrini    and Johhny boy professors he does not know   Aged Care Facilities (family home money) not for profit is for profit, it’s just the name that is not for profit

Spotless Admin – short paid me

Chefs on the Run – no hours, treated badly, wouldn’t pay

United – we don’t need someone running things – award conditions – grey area

at NEIS classes – Yen Ong, Simone, Josh – all agents – watching & reporting

– all self promotion at other peoples expense

– tried ‘atrium’ thing on me

-tried ‘garden ornament’ thing on me-  dumb dumb community = wasted space

didn’t sign up

set up business, got work

woman walking dog past window to see what I was doing

pipe (gas) man with micro camera on back at box outside kitchen window beaming images back

woman in dining room,watching & reporting back – considered me a dish pig

phone episode – got phone call from Aged Care Facility – Christine in shower – couldn’t get hold of her – all set up by FF

poison put in the mind of facility manager about me – Margaret, work fizzled up there

work mecure night audit     elephant & wheelbarrow by day

worked mecure night audit       sunshine hospital at day

worked mecure night audit     clocks flinders st station

worked mecure night audit     got home phone rang – go straight back into city to work


went back to study – economics university

no phone calls – just feel presence watching & monitoring

renovated Dove St – hose fitting loosened  –  ‘thanks …..’

– help with insurance – claim  – $50 pm garnished, $ to do reno & time

c/link guidelines – helped me to study

Tristen – told to drive old car, wear older clothes



still studying

no phone calls – phoned once using voice over – asked ‘how are you’ – I just hung up.

Feb 2007 went to Maroochydore couple weeks – felt watched. walked past construction site on way to library – cable tie on front fence dangerously sticking out – could do damage to eye or breast – would look at site & think arrogant assholes

500 tl

at library on computer – felt energy “I love you” stopped what I was doing and looked up and at books & crowd below. Couldn’t see anything.

went for walk around block on beach side where library & construction was, two blokes walking on other side of street looking at me, couldn’t take their eyes off me. I had on white runners, black sox, shorts & T Shirt. I thought they were looking at me because I had black sox on, I may have looked out-of-place, but look on faces didn’t say that.

laundry talking to bloke & washing some items – FF drove past laundry in old 4WD & eye bald me – had wiskers.

tarot told me to lrarn chess – he thinks 2-3-4 moves ahead – how to defeat him.

games started – lettersfrom c/link   ATO

arrgument with neighbours at front = set up

caused trouble at University with assignment & ability to get work done, files missing, work deleted.

was going to crash my car so couldn’t get to University

had appointment with university councillor, about dealing with manufactured issues – she recommended a trip to hospital. Stupid me took her recommendation – Bernard committed me as an involuntary patient. Guest of the Government seemed to be because I was starting to see through media items and what was really going on. Twenty one days free accommodation.Late Sept to early Oct.        CCHR: What’s Wrong with Psychiatry? A Psychiatrist Explains…



mostly interviews in the hospital was about ‘he’ being addicted to me & not letting go.

at university before hospital saw FF sitting in car on path to where I parked my car – black Holden Commodore – there is only one body like that in striped polo shirt, hiding face.

when came out of hospital all was quiet for two years – end 07 to end 09

fortnightly interviews at psych centre Sunshine – later like 6 yrs later could see that interviews were only information gathering session  to be against me.

worked for Ungers catering.

worked at Otway lighthouse – c/link calculated unfair penalties that cost me money- not first or only time

manufactured speeding ticket on way home from Otways, Friday night



while working at Otway Light House both houses became empty – couldn’t afford mortgages told agent ‘just sell both’

one house almost got to settlement six times – finally bloke was to buy both houses & pulled out of one.The other house – the agent worked hard to sell – & finally sold. Agent Bob

got job at St Vincents Child Care Centre

because couldn’t afford mortgages, couldn’t sleep, toss & turn all night then I’d have to get up & go to work. (picked up ‘tried to send her bankrupt twice)

birds started chirping just before day break – it was torture

St Vincents was no picnic



working St Vincents

kindergarten teacher got new computer – reporting on children. Told a kitchen assistant would be allowed for in budget 2009.

catering for about 60 pax.  numbers grew to approx. 120

–  extra hours to get work done not budgeted for, they expected more & more production in time frame.

had to do all by hand in domestic kitchen = HELL








just remember – ‘I owe you nothing’

why do we hurt the ones we love ?  to wake them up or it’s because ‘they’ know what they are doing to us

NOTICE:  if you don’t like the content of this blog, then don’t read it, it’s as simple as that.


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