Pointing it Out …

imagesIt all started when I met a man,

little did I know about him, but I was to find out.

He told me he had spent time in the military

and had been pensioned out.

He hung around for a few months

then disappeared in a hurry.

Months went by and the phone calls started,

slowly I got to know this man.

Time went by  & I was asked to visit,

I took the trip at his expense, he promised to pay me back.

When I arrived, he asked ‘what are you doing here?’

it made me feel ‘why do I bother’.

As time went by, year after year, I got nothing but sabotage, torture, torment, harassment & the rest.

All I was able to do was fight for survival against the odds.

Thanks to the establishment, the Intelligence Community & the others for their efforts.

Now there seems to be energy to repair the damage.

They are taking much more than they give.

They are running computers off my body & communication from my head.

My body vibrates & perspires when they require their horse race numbers & other information.

The trouble is they just don’t know when to call it quits

& it’s all only for their own benefit – stuff the rest.

In order to achieve their goals, the establishment procured a MONSTER, they needed someone to bring in their New World Order.

And underneath, I see a man, a man looking for somewhere to belong.

They set their bitch on him in 2003, to steal him away from me,

it was done all in the name of GREED, with no other factor,

the idea makes my skin crawl.

And now they are unable to believe the turn of events.

One way of keeping me oppressed is to keep down the price of GOLD.

I purchased a little to help me out, because it was set to explode.

They just don’t want to understand the ways of an ordinary life.

The biggest problem seems to be EMOTIONAL IMMATURITY,

where I’m attacked for no fault of my own.

They seem to enjoy defaming me & standing in my way

all in the name of ‘self superiority’, it makes them feel bigger & better.

They seem to be afraid of something, simply because they’ve built it up in their heads.

So they started CIA on twitter, they’re frightened I might get away.

I feel it just might have something to do with the guilt inside their heads.

This torture all needs to come to an end.

I’ve told you my wish: it’s because of that son you have with that BITCH.

She stole you away from me, her & her cohorts helped to do the trick.

She didn’t do it for love, she did it for GREED, as I’ve already said,

& now she is unable to look anyone in the face, because of what she did.

The only time anything is going to improve is when you choose, I’ve pointed that out before.

Now I’ve made my point, it’s time to depart.

Have a Nice Day.

& Thank You for the good things that have been.

I’ve made it to My Lord.


When you choose to run computers off of me & communicate directly into my head, I’ll write my truth on the blog or else where of my choice – all in order to keep the balance. If anyone has a problem with this, just let me know & don’t say you weren’t notified. Amen


You all need to go else where of Answers.



the only official information needed to GIVE:   Account No. 633 000 146840392

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