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Obama the Biggest Spender …

Barack-Obama-s-Perception-of-Himself--37483Obama the Biggest Spender 

Reaganomics vs Obamanomics

I see the sane and the insane and who ultimately benefits by it all, as well as wealth by hocus pocus and nothing has a hope in hell of changing until the hole is dug,  the hurse rounds the corner and the music plays – ACDC High way to Hell


what in the news …

iloveyouIMG-20130831-00748get ready for the whirlwind


Don’t just object, tell us what you want in TPPA: Mida Chief

tell Mida Chief/TPPA what you want and they will do the exact opposite to work against you – if not via the TPPA, other avenues


Pursue promptly those not paying fines

must be in great need of some revenue


Be wary of those out to destabilise the country, MCA tells Malaysia







Asylum Watch …

theworstisyettocomeThe CFR Wants you to pay more for Gasoline

I love the name of this blog / column or what ever you want to call it – ‘Asylum Watch’
stay tuned for what’s coming up next over the next couple days


how to get rid of unwanted pests …

IMG-20130830-00745always have some Oleander in the garden – quick easy way to terminate UNWANTED PESTS !