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Respect (know & understand the meaning of this word !!!

meaning copied from the Dictionary :-
• due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others: respect for human rights.


Do Your Own Dirty Work.

I know the difference b/n thought and suggestion.

If you have a problem with someone “sucking to much out”, or anything else for that matter, you had better solve your own problems. I’m not your lap dog. Just b/c you are desperate to keep your job.

I haven’t slept for 20yrs – so having you making suggestions in my head is not appreciated.

Natural sleep actually means a great deal to me. (comatosed & raped again last night)

Delete the f**king connection b/n the implant above my left ear & your computer system.

These morons don’t know when to stop.

If we had an agreement and I was adequately compensated for my efforts (instead of being continually robbed) then and only then do you have any rights as to the contents of my head &/or my free will. We don’t so you need to STOP this abuse immediately. It has become an addiction for you. Seek help.

Parasites on the government are parasites on the people.

You can liken this continual rape to the Japanese keeping western women prisoners for their sexual needs during WW2. You ppl just done seem to get it. If it was happening to you I’m sure things would be different. Time to wake up and take action. Somebody has to have the balls enough to stand up and create change. No one seems to have enough BALLS.

You’re Adults, Think of Something …

This is Gerald Celente, a financial forecaster. This video recorded approx. April 2011, Gerald in the second half advises “your adults, think of something”

When it comes to solving the problems at hand I suggest we all take advice from Gerald.

this extract below has been copied from which is Alfred Adask’s comments on Gerald’s video forecast.

“Gerald Celente ( relies on a secret technology that tracks scores of economic and political indicators, balances them, and then produces a resulting prediction.  He’s achieved considerable fame by making remarkably accurate predictions.

His video and radio presentations of his predictions are generally brash, but witty and bemused.

This prediction is different.  This is the first time I’ve seen Celente so angry, so furious.  He seems almost desperate, almost terrified.  There are moments when he appears almost ready to cry. He looks like he’s caught a glimpse of End Times.

If Celente’s emotionally-charged presentation is any indication, the world may be very close to the “1st Great War of the the 21st Century.””

Agenda 21 – very IMPORTANT to take notice of …

I’m bringing to your attention “Agenda 21”. I haven’t read Rosa’s book (time & energy constraints) but I’d recommend it. I’ve heard Rosa speak on radio interviews and seems quit an authority on Agenda 21 and its intended destruction to your inherent rights and life as it should be. People need to be aware of this evil agenda, amongst others. The perpertrators live and work amongst us.

This extract below was copied from Alex Jones website “” about Rosa and her Book.

“Author and top researcher on the UN’s Agenda 21, Rosa Koire, a veritable expert on the creeping takeover of cities and states under the paralyzing guise of the buzzword “sustainability.” Koire’s book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21, not only deconstructs the agenda’s aims with solid facts, but is designed for use as a study guide and starting point for developing a strategy to defeat its effects in your area. Rosa Korie is Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, where she studies the impacts of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development on liberty, and also runs the website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.”

Note :- Most material refers heavily to the United States of America. But you had better be warned – it applies everywhere and to everyone. Except to those who are raping the earth of it’s wealth and PROFIT from the destruction of everything that has meaning and purpose to us.


Rosa Korie on the Alex Jones Show – interview starts at approx. 13.00 minutes in this the second hr of the show

Rosa Korie’s Interview continued from the second hours (above) from 00.00 –> 5.00 minutes