Nandos Review …

isNando’s    25th June 2014

Went to Nando’s for dinner last night,

all the seating is upstairs, with a view.

Took a look at the menu,

there was something for everyone.

I saw ‘Starters’, ‘Burgers’, ‘Salads’, and stuff for little ones,

Desserts, Hot & Cold Drinks and designer ones too.

There were a few people there, moving about,

all seemed to be happy chewing on chicken – a leg or two.

All they needed to do was choose their level of spice, to see the evening through.

I decided to go for the Caesar with chicken,

but one problem, I do like my Cos lettuce crisp – NOT LIMP – how about you !!!

In my opinion the joint could also do with an alcoholic drink or two,

as I found it a bit of a dry argument on just mineral water without a boost.

While I sat and wrote this piece, a cappuccino would have helped me along.

I was told: ‘the machine was ka-poot.

I felt they almost needed to call Gordon Ramsey for help,

especially when I saw extra charges on the bill,

for ‘service’ and ‘tax’.

I almost handed them his number as I stood at the till,

as twenty-five ringgit was the bill.

As this review is FOC (free of charge), I trust you appreciate my view.

For next time please implement an improvement or two,

as that was MY TIME at Nando’s, Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

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