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What’s in the News …

Work together to resolve crisis

Interesting little article that eludes to charging for water and mentions that business are suffering as a result of lack of water.

Get other girls, women screened for cervical cancer

The promotion of cervical cancer vaccinations in order to promote the AGENDA. There are many web sites on Gardasil and the outcome of it’s use. Certainly not a pretty story.

fighterjetWar on Terror is Now Over

This is a MUST read for anyone interested in National Security.


Humble and Safe …

plate of dirt

                              plate of dirt

How dare you judge me, what I do or what I think. If you have been EATING DIRT for the last TWENTY YEARS like I have had to, IF you had one ounce the wherewithal, you, just might do the same. You haven’t got one ounce the capabilities, so it’s easier to run someone else down just to make yourselves FEEL superior. YOU people haven’t got a hope in hell of being a better person. You need to get your head out of your own ass’s and you might see some light.

give it all you've got

long road

Ok LITTLE boys and Girls, now that I have your attention, we might start to get somewhere. I DEMAND that the browsers on my computer be fixed, they use to work perfectly. I can not continue my work and research when things are continually sabotaged and I can’t work within your time frame. We still have a VERY LONG WAY TO GO, and if you think I’m going to leave it in the hand of people who aren’t GROWN UP YET, you had better think again. TIME TO WAKE UP AND GROW UP.



If you consider this trying, you had better think again. You do not live in the real world.


Every time you push that ‘refresh’ button you damage me – get that through your thick skull.


FIX the fcuking calculator and dictionary on the computer that you sabotaged. I have asked more that twice now. again wasted time and energy. I am not your mother. It is time to grow up.


I wouldn’t trust you either. NO TRUST.