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truth or dare …

heaven is a busy place ...

heaven is a busy place …


Penang Malaysia


sunny warm day – don’t know the temperature – who cares !!!

taper tantrum …

dummy spit

Markets withstand feared ‘taper tantrum’


having faith that I get off the island in one piece


Wake up

time to Wake up folks to the agenda. If we dont stop the global elites agenda Now, the whole of humanity is going into total slavery and termination of All of humanity. Im only Trying to stop it. Your help is manditory.


‘Bit’ what !!!

chocolate !

chocolate !

what’s this ‘Bitcoin’ thing all about ?

An article that ‘baffles’ me, with points for reflection :- ‘real meaning’, ‘legal status’, ‘bubble’, ‘normal’ as well as other ‘confounding’ snippets !!!

China Bans Financial Companies From Bitcoin Transactions


Please help …

pls helpAliens please help,

God please help,

Universe please help.


to my special someone(s) :- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox