They don’t want her there …

imagesnnnhWorking as a chef – couldn’t get paid for what it was worth.

Thought to myself: all you have to do is tell the public prices need to increase to cover the cost.

The public always seems to accept what they are told.

Now I continually hear, when I can’t get served ‘they don’t want her there’.

It’s easy to fix the problem: just tell them that they are in a service industry and that they have nothing without customers.

So therefore all customers have value.

Shoe on the other foot: being a Publican I use to think to myself while doing Customer Service Training –

– some, in my case most, ‘customers need good training on how to be a good customer’

for they just didn’t have a clue.



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Ode to Ms JT …

220px-Alexandra_Fountainthis is my GIFT to you:

When my children attended Private School,

There was a woman, who stood out from the rest.

Her second daughter happened to be in the same class as mine,

they were sort of friends.

The father of this woman, was a Netball man !!!

He head the association & organised all the teams.

This is where this woman learnt to manipulate people at a young age.

She also became addicted to telling people what to do.

Her and her friends liked to tell people she was a Company Director,

because she had nothing else to her name.

This woman married, he was a dentist,

lucky for her, this dentist was good at bringing the money in.

And when there wasn’t enough money for this woman to spend,

he had to employ another dentist to carry her load.

I happened to go to her house one day,

the reason now escapes me.

I most likely needed to see her about a matter,

but this is what happened:

I pulled the car up in the driveway, which finished at the back.

I knocked on the front door,

her eldest daughter opened it

I said: would Ms….. be available?

the reply: No my mum is not here, together with pursed lips and a scowl upon her face.

I could feel some tension and Ms…..’s energy hiding behind a door.

The daughter couldn’t slam the door quick enough, in my face.

I really get the feeling with this woman, she likes everything her own way.

This woman could be friends when she felt like it.

Sometimes she’d be helpful, only to get information she required.

One time at netball she treated myself and my daughter with disdain.

She made my daughter stand and wait alone, while she partied with a group of selected children in her car parked up the road.

I saw her tactic, she got caught out, I looked and saw my daughter standing alone.

My heart went out to her, I thought why are you being treated this way ?

There was the beginnings of a new school.

This woman head the team of Committee Members.

She made sure she got the contracts to fill her own purse.

She manipulated all the staff, in order to get the most out of them,

all in the name of efficiency and the interests of the new school.

I saw a new car and heard of private tuition all for her own gain,

and that’s enough about this woman,

you can investigate the rest.



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School Bus …

indexnmMy children travelled each day on a Private School Bus,

they left early in the morning & returned late in the day.

For some unknown reason the Bus Company Operator, bored in her job,

took a disliking to what was going on.

Her reaction was to victimize my children & here is what she did.

She claimed one of my children drew a cross on a seat with a marking pen.

She called a meeting with a representative from the Transport Department, herself, myself & the rest.

Halfway through the meeting I exposed the fact that children on the bus (NOT MINE) were slashing the seats wide open with a knife.

The female Bus Company Operator shit herself because her fraud had been exposed.

She informed me that one of my children would be evicted from the bus for one week.

So I told her I would take the other off the bus as well, since driving only one was uneconomical, I may as well drive both.

That’s not the only thing she did.

The Bus Company Operator left my children behind one night,

the bus didn’t even go to the designated stop.

If it wasn’t for a fellow student who phoned me that night,

I wouldn’t have found my children.

Ms. HansFord I recall was her name.

You have a lot of tidying up to do !!!



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The Place I Stay …

imagesThe place I stay is good & cheap,

just the way I like it, it suits me.

There is twenty-four hour reception,

where little pixie sleeps in a chair.

They padlock the gate, which keeps you safe,

after you’ve climbed the stairs to get there.

On one floor they have many rooms, I was shown to mine,

when I first entered my room I saw two single beds,

and a fan to keep me cool.

After sleeping there for many nights, friends arrived & in the heat,

oh my, did they multiply & now they are everywhere.

They stained my sheets & bit me all night until I was forced to give my room a spring clean.

I bleached my sheets & other things to try & make them look brand new.

But those determined little mights are a pain when trying to get them to go away.

A story of the Malaysian Bed Bug.



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ever heard of a vacuum cleaner ???

indexI once had a vacuum cleaner,

it was stolen from me.

I commented ‘I’ll never have an other vacuum cleaner’

He said: ‘I wouldn’t say that’

Instantly I knew what vain I was seen in,

I quietly saw RED.

I employed all my efforts to make sure his vision had no chance of coming to fruition.

And here we are today, locking HORNS over which way the cards may fall.



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Phillip or George …

imagesDelusions of Grandeur

In business these days, we need special powers in order to make a Prophet. Sometimes we need to employ ‘healers’ and ‘shamans’, the ‘chosen ones’.

If you employ a Phillip or George, they have to be worth their salt.

They must have power, knowledge and identity.

Grandiose delusions help to achieve our goals, together with great talent to find important marketing discoveries.

It’s hard to predict the future or get messages from god.

You need a special relationship with a prominent person of superiority and put aside mental disorders to run the joint.

And in order to stay ahead in the race, everyone needs to be swift you know. I also wonder where I might be able to get a taylor, for that suit I need.



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CATS sometimes …

look at me, look at me ...

look at me, look at me …

A cat just sat next to me,

phone in her hand, couldn’t take her eyes off of me.

Seems to be looking for something.

I get the picture she feels as if she is missing out, for what ever reason.

They stand under the verandah waiting for something !!!

Some watch me as I walk by.

One time, one cat, almost attacked me as I walked past.

Something inside her must have said: ‘No don’t, it’s the wrong thing to do”,

for she restrained herself, for what ever reason.

Mostly they are passive, just wait and watch,

sometimes I see them talking to a bloke for a minute or two.

Sometimes they are upstairs on business.

Sometimes I run into them in the bathroom,

saw one washing her ass !!!

Sometimes they sit near me while I have breakfast.

Now the one with the phone in her hand is stalking my space.

Hopefully they might get the HINT that they are cramping my area

and find another place.

or maybe get a life of their own ...

or maybe get a life of their own …



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