Simply Feed Me …

imagesdfHow food goes for me in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur.

Everyone knows McDonalds – there is usually one on a corner.

I visit this one for breakfast, a McMuffin, egg, chicken roll, hash browns & tea.

I called chicken roll Bacon – oh boy was that a mistake !

I am able to sit upstairs in the open air area & peruse the view.

There is a cake stall on a corner where I can buy a sandwich and get fat on their cake,

or take a walk to the bus station, their sandwiches aren’t bad,

or another place I grab a ‘not bad’ sandwich is that ‘done up’ place, comes under the banner of seven eleven

and they have coffee I can dispense from a machine and also free hot water !

I don’t mind a bit of yogurt, there is home-made, stuff at selected outlets around the place,

topped up with pre cut fruit is fresh & easy to find.

I found a little place, a street stall in fact,

where I get a sardine roti & two cups of tea for breakfast.images

After taking a walk and doing s few jobs, I return for more refreshments before retiring to my place.

Now that’s the first half of the day done.

I’ll move on to dinner.

More roti I have at another street stall – they serve it with vegie and cheese,

sometimes I finish off with a banana one, very good to eat.

Sometimes I visit an Indian Place where I get a dish od dahl, cucumber & lime, Nann bread with garlic & butter.

imagesxdI shouldn’t forget to tell you where I can have a beer,

there are places about but the one I’ll mention is the noodle joint on a main road corner.

This joints been around for years, you can tell by the decor,

and the lovely antique tables and chairs.

I think they saw nothing of using marble for tabletops back then, because (just quietly) it is seen everywhere.

I had better mention the food, I can get noodles or rice as well as other things at this busy open air food joint in Chinatown Kula Lumpur.

Before I finish off I’d like to tell you about the foodhalls off to the side behind the market street stalls.

I often get just a cup of tea in a joint where they play music and watch concerts on a screen.

The other foodhall has good tucker, nice and cheap,

I also often go there.

imagescfI almost forgot the Reggae Bar for western food, beer &  a party.

A little to steep in price for me, but sometimes I have been known to indulge in a coffee or two and a hamburger from this place.

that food for me in Chinatown Kula Lumpur


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