Reflections …

imagesbbfunny about this:

life reflects our attitudes

perfectly and constantly.

what we hate in others

we hate in ourselves.

what we love in others

we love in ourselves.

so therefore: what we portray in others

we somehow see in ourselves.

                                       From Nimbin Museum (modified by me)


How I got to Nimbin:

I was staying in a hostel in BB

many moons ago.

One tour guide operator, called by the hostel to see if anyone wanted to go.

It was a day trip, just a little bus.

The day trip went all over the place,

one stop was Nimbin, for a while.

Another place was the Holy Goat Commune.

We travelled past Hoges’ place.

We took a couple of swims and viewed a waterfall.

It was a great day had by all.


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