Ode to Ms JT …

220px-Alexandra_Fountainthis is my GIFT to you:

When my children attended Private School,

There was a woman, who stood out from the rest.

Her second daughter happened to be in the same class as mine,

they were sort of friends.

The father of this woman, was a Netball man !!!

He head the association & organised all the teams.

This is where this woman learnt to manipulate people at a young age.

She also became addicted to telling people what to do.

Her and her friends liked to tell people she was a Company Director,

because she had nothing else to her name.

This woman married, he was a dentist,

lucky for her, this dentist was good at bringing the money in.

And when there wasn’t enough money for this woman to spend,

he had to employ another dentist to carry her load.

I happened to go to her house one day,

the reason now escapes me.

I most likely needed to see her about a matter,

but this is what happened:

I pulled the car up in the driveway, which finished at the back.

I knocked on the front door,

her eldest daughter opened it

I said: would Ms….. be available?

the reply: No my mum is not here, together with pursed lips and a scowl upon her face.

I could feel some tension and Ms…..’s energy hiding behind a door.

The daughter couldn’t slam the door quick enough, in my face.

I really get the feeling with this woman, she likes everything her own way.

This woman could be friends when she felt like it.

Sometimes she’d be helpful, only to get information she required.

One time at netball she treated myself and my daughter with disdain.

She made my daughter stand and wait alone, while she partied with a group of selected children in her car parked up the road.

I saw her tactic, she got caught out, I looked and saw my daughter standing alone.

My heart went out to her, I thought why are you being treated this way ?

There was the beginnings of a new school.

This woman head the team of Committee Members.

She made sure she got the contracts to fill her own purse.

She manipulated all the staff, in order to get the most out of them,

all in the name of efficiency and the interests of the new school.

I saw a new car and heard of private tuition all for her own gain,

and that’s enough about this woman,

you can investigate the rest.



The only official information you need in order to GIVE:  Account No. 633 000 146840392


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