School Bus …

indexnmMy children travelled each day on a Private School Bus,

they left early in the morning & returned late in the day.

For some unknown reason the Bus Company Operator, bored in her job,

took a disliking to what was going on.

Her reaction was to victimize my children & here is what she did.

She claimed one of my children drew a cross on a seat with a marking pen.

She called a meeting with a representative from the Transport Department, herself, myself & the rest.

Halfway through the meeting I exposed the fact that children on the bus (NOT MINE) were slashing the seats wide open with a knife.

The female Bus Company Operator shit herself because her fraud had been exposed.

She informed me that one of my children would be evicted from the bus for one week.

So I told her I would take the other off the bus as well, since driving only one was uneconomical, I may as well drive both.

That’s not the only thing she did.

The Bus Company Operator left my children behind one night,

the bus didn’t even go to the designated stop.

If it wasn’t for a fellow student who phoned me that night,

I wouldn’t have found my children.

Ms. HansFord I recall was her name.

You have a lot of tidying up to do !!!



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