The Place I Stay …

imagesThe place I stay is good & cheap,

just the way I like it, it suits me.

There is twenty-four hour reception,

where little pixie sleeps in a chair.

They padlock the gate, which keeps you safe,

after you’ve climbed the stairs to get there.

On one floor they have many rooms, I was shown to mine,

when I first entered my room I saw two single beds,

and a fan to keep me cool.

After sleeping there for many nights, friends arrived & in the heat,

oh my, did they multiply & now they are everywhere.

They stained my sheets & bit me all night until I was forced to give my room a spring clean.

I bleached my sheets & other things to try & make them look brand new.

But those determined little mights are a pain when trying to get them to go away.

A story of the Malaysian Bed Bug.



The only official information needed to GIVE:   Account No. 633 000 146840392


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