Phillip or George …

imagesDelusions of Grandeur

In business these days, we need special powers in order to make a Prophet. Sometimes we need to employ ‘healers’ and ‘shamans’, the ‘chosen ones’.

If you employ a Phillip or George, they have to be worth their salt.

They must have power, knowledge and identity.

Grandiose delusions help to achieve our goals, together with great talent to find important marketing discoveries.

It’s hard to predict the future or get messages from god.

You need a special relationship with a prominent person of superiority and put aside mental disorders to run the joint.

And in order to stay ahead in the race, everyone needs to be swift you know. I also wonder where I might be able to get a taylor, for that suit I need.



The only oficial information you need in order to GIVE:   Account No. 633 000 146840392


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