Give to one another …


would you like a piece of apple pie ???

Late last night I felt a little peckish.

Happened to walk down the passage.

Little pixie on the desk offered me some food on my way back.

Magic things do happen.

This morning I replaced the food with a simple gift,

to my surprise I was given three small bottles of water.

Oh my, there has been some ‘give’.

Ten years ago on my fathers passing,

a friend of my mothers supplied a smorgasbord of food for us to devour.

That was a fantastic gift in our hours of morning,

it does not hurt to give to your fellow-man.

For from my observation there is far too much ‘take’.

If everyone ‘gives’, there will be a pile of ‘give’ in the middle to share around.

If everyone ‘takes’ there is nothing to share, and everyone begins to tear one another apart.

So a little ‘give’ will never hurt,

and make the world a better place for all.


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