DARK LANDS by Tony Wheeler …

imagesnI purchased the book a fee days ago – read it once, in places it was hilarious. Decided to write a review – in order to write my review I needed to re-read it and take some notes. Got to chapter three and ‘Rachael’ was missing. While I wasn’t looking my book had been replaced by a re-write. Now my DARK LANDS will be known as DARK ‘BAD’ LANDS #2.

The book may have become a big time personality cult full of fairytales & other things. A great idea to squeeze it out of bookshops and allow it to pop up on film, just like the Sundowner when Chips Rafferty Starred.

The book is full of interesting countries, where some women keep three dead husbands in their travel bags and they live on frozen fish & Rosita corn chips. They don’t require a Drivers Licence to be able to talk to the sky. Some wear gumboots in waiting – the order to disband! And walk-ins with their tongues hanging out shout, “call us bad, call us anything, just notice we’re here.


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