The Monster in the Head …

imagesShe sits on the step with an apple in her hand.

OMG what is she sitting there for, watch her, see what she does

She removes a knife from her bag.

OMG who has she got in her sights

She cuts the apple into quarters & removes the core.

OMG watch her, she could attack any moment

She cuts each quarter in half and chews eight pieces.

what is she looking at, who is she watching, what is she doing with her hands

She wipes the knife & puts it back in her bag & wraps the apple core in a hankie.

watch her, she might get something out of her bag

She sits on the step soaking up the sun & watches the traffic pass by.

who is she looking at, what is she listening to, is she waiting for a signal

Her phone rings, she answers it, a voice is heard – ‘Barry is meeting Larry’.

OMG she knows about it, what else does she know, she knows too much, we have to get rid of her

She moves away from the step and walks towards the station.

a man with a gun gets her in his sights

She turns a corner.

she just dodged a bullet

                                                  and that’s the MONSTER in the HEAD


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