Government v The People …

imagesvvLas Vegas shooters saw government as the enemy

This is important to understand, I can’t express all my views in one post. People like myself, ‘sovereigns’, ‘stateless’ and the rest, are not against government, we are just demanding a fair deal from those in the seat, because they have gone to far in oppressing the BEST and most of the REST.

If you stay tuned to this blog, and I manage to stay alive long enough, I’ll enlighten you on what really goes on. For the ordinary person, it is difficult to see, the facts are well hidden behind the scenes.

The article above and others like it are designed to make people like me look as if we are the enemy, when in actual fact it is the opposite way round. If you could possibly open your mind, see and accept the facts as they really are.

It’s hard for most because it actually exposes our lives as a lie.

It is best to brace your self and open your mind.


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