stop the BULLSHIT …

indexvstop going to the doctor, stop the medication, don’t allow injections of any kind, research and take natural remedies, it’s the only way.

Detox your body regularly (food grade charcoal is one), clean your liver (milk thistle)

need magnesium (Colidile to start) then tablets for maintenance

a good natural iodine (not artificial): try iodine from kelp

VERY important: help the body with a little bi carb soda per day. (it’s in medicine)(for ph balance)

organic hemp oil is good (legally allowed to grow & consume hemp for medicinal purposes)

no matter what, doesn’t matter what area, always ask questions and demand answers until you are satisfied – they have to supply the answers. Watch for smoke and mirrors.

the body require good clean water: distilled is best or fresh from the mountains



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