Flea Market Chinatown Kuala Lumpur …

vendorslast night I went to dinner – had V2K conversation about being tested on BMW  v  Mercedes-Benz. Approx. 2003 I was tested about which car I preferred. Basically taking no notice, just looking at back of BMW to see if I could lie down in the back and sleep. As I had done many times in my present car. Fcuk Face thought I preferred BMW to Mercedes-Benz, so he bought Mercedes Factory. I couldn’t understand why he’d buy the opposite to my ‘supposed’ preference. I know the culture was to hide assets from me – when this knowledge struck I was insulted to think he would need to think that way. (I’ve since learnt that this is very much an ‘establishment’ frame of mind – and as I would understand because of their guilt)

From 7.30pm to 9.30pm ‘they’ (Fcuk Face & cohorts) had a meeting – they came out swinging with Dead Fish in the lead. PURE HATE TOWARDS ME. This morning rose early to get newspaper. Normally a flea market exists in the street and along the lane. Stalls are simple, vendors put down ground cover & spread their wares out. Mostly used second-hand stuff. Some trash is someone elses treasure, never know what you might find. At times in these sort of places I’ve found treasure. This morning as I walked the route of the market, no stalls existed, people were standing around everywhere. A police car drove past with one occupant talking to the crowd on a loud-speaker in Malay. I couldn’t understand what was being said but I could guess what it was about. Police patrolled on foot making sure vendors didn’t trade.

I bet they felt big and important in themselves – in their dreams !!! The establishment want to stop the trade so vendors are forced to enter the slave yard where they are forced to work for limited income & then have it taken off of them by way of taxes, services, accommodation, food and the like.

I recommend to keep trading, pay no fees or fines and one day the vendors may be as big as the craft market who pay no fees or fines and don’t have their money taken off of them.

craft marketI’m going to show the flea market vendors how it can be done. Stay tuned for the next episode &/or the outcome(s).


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