The Sun Daily …

the sunthe Sun Daily is a free publication, available from seven eleven or other obliging outlets. I’ve noticed the newspaper is kept under the counter and in order to get one, one must be early and ask for it. At times free at McDonalds.

I’ve noticed, I’m told many varied answers:

not printed on weekends, only monday to friday paper – when in actual fact it is printed every day

all gone

at McDonalds I’ve seen patrons take copies just as I walk in the door inorder to stop me from getting a copy

and many varied tactics in order to stop me from obtaining a copy.

Have something to hide !!!

Why does all seem to be against one woman, WTF have I done, What is your aversion ?

No need to explain, I’ve worked it out – some of the answer is GREED.



Account No. 633 000 146840392



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