Mind Control …

mind controlI feel the need to make this clear, what has happened as far as Mind Control goes.

When I first became aware of Mind Control, who does it and for what reasons, ‘SHOCKED’ might be a word that fits.

When my left leg and foot was burnt in the pod, last May. That event traumatized me. The powers that be use the opportunity to Mind Control the victim. I can’t remember the details but if the opportunity arises they will get anyone (young, mature – doesn’t matter) to work for them.

This is what I remember: one morning after the leg had healed, I went to the bathroom, I remembered the events in the bathroom clearly, doing what I went there for, folding the paper and finishing off. Went back to my room and found a length of ripped toilet paper in the side of my underwear. I pulled the paper out, looked at it and was confounded as to how it got there. As a certain condition prevailed, I became aware that it was the first event of a Mind controlled instructed event that in my conscious state I was not aware of, except for the paper.

Twice I’ve noticed the trailing words “you will not remember any of this”.

At times, time goes missing, money goes missing, and strange things happen.

And this all leads up to the restaurant / chair event just the other day.

When and where possible I will keep you up-to-date as to events as I feel this matter is very important. Awareness is the best cure.



Account No. 633 000 146840392


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