Web Ranking …


Approx. 2-3 months ago I checked this blogs ranking on Alexa. It showed approx 15,250,000 at the time. Pretty good if you ask me, I was chuffed. And I’d never checked it before.

Them I was duped into doing some internet marketing (duped by the powers that be – as they do ! )  (duped to get me away from doing something else they don’t want me doing) (quiet frankly they fall flat on their faces every time). Those in the Dumb Dumb Community (aka Intelligence Community), to fcuking inept to do anything for themselves, stole by stealth my IM skills and implemented them on their & their friends own web sites.

From the date I started my IM activities to today, which is less than one month, my ranking has moved from 15,250,000 to over 16,000,000. Today ranking showed 15,970,330. Ranking does not naturally move that quickly. And ranking has improved from two days ago, most likely due to the clicks on yesterdays postings.

You watch the records being cleaned up on this one in a big hurry so evidence is erased.


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