Dead or Alive …

bclet me explain this to you. your name is eg: “John Smith”

the birth certificate is actually a trust that no one has told you about or how it is REALLY supposed to work.

the birth certificate was given to you to contact in the public because a natural living person is unable to contract with corporations.

only corporations can contract with corporations

the birth certificate is actually a tool to be able to contract with corporations.

so therefore when anyone from any government department or a corporation asks is this your name : “JOHN SMITH” as on any documentation – your reply is “NO”. It is not you, it is the trust name, designed to look like your name.

They are not able to compel you to do anything when the name is in all capitals because the birth certificate is a DEAD thing.

but please remember, stepping outside the matrix must be done with responsiblity, and you REALLY need to know what you are doing otherwise you might find yourself in DEEP WATER.

take care and good luck. xxxx



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