the truth exposed …

the truth exposed …

post mix1991 I/we/both (married couple/ex husband & family) took over the license of a country hotel, with the agreement to purchase the freehold. Coke Cola dispensing was already installed on the premises, Coke rep. turns up not long after take over wanting to cement supply of soft drink on the premises. Coke Cola wanted to charge us $23 per month to have their dispensing machine remain the dispenser of choice. That’s advertising space and product indorsement and charge us a fee to do so, when it should have been the other way around where they paid us for advertising space and product indorsement. I told the rep. that if the supply of equipment was not supplied free of charge then we would contract with the opposition (Pepsi). The rep went away and came back approx. one week later and said that Coke Cola was happy to supply equipment provided we used their products in the machine.

It seems to be the case with information received in the last few days that the destruction of my life and the fallout to family members, the stalking, harassment, torment & torture which has followed may be a result of me declining to pay the extortion attempt by Coke Cola of the $23 per month for equipment & the use of advertising space & product endorsement.


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