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snakesome of what is going on aka what I have to endure  —  24/7 I pick up energy (the energy is all around feel via technology) from the energy I hear “them” talking/planning/scheming. The focus is on me, the exact reasons, I don’t know, the reason moves all the time (swings/excuses). Amongst the energy I pick up the energy of a woman known as Christine (lucky we changed her name), she seems to be psychologist trained (personality analyst), scheming & sometimes giving advice. I feel no matter what the outcome, she will come out “clean” through what she has put out. To me she comes across as intelligent as “dead snake” & I hate the feel of her energy so therefore to try to get a message across that I don’t like the energy – get rid of it – I create drama in my mind, they watch the picture produced on a screen. The technology seems very sensitive & detects & displays thoughts that I am not even aware of. The drama I create in my mind is anything I can think of to get a message across b/c no matter how many times I say “turn it off” or similar, I have not been able to get info into their thick heads. for all the torture and harassment inflicted, all they want to do is put me in a hole in the ground – that’s their answer for their crimes.


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