documentation … Twisted

12 noon April 17 2014

joyfully listening to “Twisted Sister – We’re not going to take it any more” – I was happy listening to some music – a rare event – in my minds eye I saw a person with a metal leg, voice box taken out, and tapping on a key board with a stick, being lifted up over someones head and slammed into the floor. “They” truely just don’t like to see you happy.

It is now a CRIME to even think of any posibility of being happy – if you already didn’t know, it is. I always detected “they” didn’t want anyone to be happy but themselves (if at all possible) – NOW I have concrete proof.

concretethey want us to be like them – dead inside and they will stop at nothing until they achieve their goal. “They” just hammer away until you are dead inside like them.


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