Documentation … Maddness #1


it has got to the point where I need to document every thing that happens, and in reality that is going to be impossible. don’t carry a diary due to weight, so next best place is the blog, shared with all.

entry 1.

last night approx. 11.00 pm “he” was in pool with “her”, got out 4-5 blue uniformed men came in with poison darted “him”, carried out, sheet over, trip to asylum.

Next thing big meeting going on. All attending. Big boss turned up & I put my two pennies worth in. Slept well. All turned off b/c I am able to hear !!!

Woke 5.30am approx. some sort of meeting going on, imploding on themselves. “you have absolutely tormented the woman”. Talking about conclusion, financial compensation. I put my bid in – usual demand because of being punching bag, lab rat, brain scans, info by stealth etc etc – my demand not being unreasonable as a result. Also demanded all assets of Christine (psychological whore) & Adrianna (whore) because   1. if I don’t situation only perpetuates   2. working against me.   Their meeting instantly swings into scheming against me led by Christine.

Much more has happened so far today and it’s only 11.50am.



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