Notice …

a little birdie has just warned me, there has been an order put out on me to be traumatized.  Some will know  the reasons why. For those that don’t a person being traumatized is useful for some of the powers that “maybe”! Mind control is easily implemented on the victim in a traumatized state, actually the victim needs to be traumatized for the mind control process to work. In my case “the so called powers that maybe” want to do mind control at a deeper level, in order to “use” me and “control” me.

for those who don’t know of or unaware what mind control is and how EVIL it is, please look it up.


One thought on “Notice …

  1. K

    So you still want/need the PO box? I’ve lost/misplaced the key and I’m pretty sure it’s due for renewal right about now…


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