Monday morning – a little excursion …

took a walk to the post office this morning to post a normal plain envelope – no weight – back to the country from which I came. I don’t care to remember the amount I was told, it was going to cost – it was just ridiculous ( about RM46.00 or something).
About 4 months ago I posted a light weight small box, on a slow boat, back – the cost RM10.00. So how could, in such a small period of time, postage costs change so much! I don’t care to put to much time and energy into it – I smell a RAT (aka PHD ee-ore ee-ore).

The exercise reminded me of life in the town in which I grew up, it is situated on the outer of the rim of the metropolitan area. When it came to phone charges and train travel, we were  considered country, other services we were considered to be part of the metropolitan area. Life in a country town, we just accepted what we were told. Little did it ever dawn on us that we were considered ‘in’ or ‘out’ when the opportunity arose to charge more. We just use to talk about how sometimes we’re ‘in’ and sometimes we’re ‘out’!
Years later, like now, I realise WTF was going on – plain and simple, is was and still is EXTORTION.

Further to my thinking about ‘the post office episode’ and ‘you’re ‘in’ when we tell you you’re ‘in’ and you’re ‘out’ when we tell you you’re ‘out” situation – I thought about ASEAN – it seems to be the same – ‘you’re/ we’re ‘in’ when we tell you you’re/we’re ‘in’ and you’re/we’re ‘out’ when we tell you you’re/we’re ‘out” – does the public ever get a say or treaded fairly – it seems not. It surely seems to be all for some and nothing for every one else.

I also feel the need to mention, when I was studying, it was rammed down our necks that globalisation was good for us, we were taught and shown how and why. As time has progressed, it has become blatantly obvious that some, want and take all the benefits for themselves and pass none of the benefits on to the public, we were lied to – wait, you will hear the blame put onto someone else – they really must think that we are stupid.
They hope we are to busy earning a living and paying the bills to notice what is really going on.
PTDC0002 PTDC0003 PTDC0004 PTDC0005

On the walk back from the post office, a trishaw passed me, the driver seemed happy go lucky, he had music playing, the feeling was relaxed and good. But I have sadness in my soul for these merry men. The government has proposed to Patent Malacca’s unique trishaw. It is said that the trishaw owners and operators will benefit from the patent. I doubt it very much, what will happen is the trishaw owners will be required to register, then they will be taxed, then that will be the END of Melaka’s happy go luck iconic trishaw tourist attraction. They will become savage money hungry monsters, because they will be forced to feed their hungry money grabbing mobster regulators.

Note :- I wonder where the idea came from to Patent the trishaws? One casual day, I was talking to one of the trishaw owners in the street, and questioning him about how much an hour, paying tax and a few other things, then the next thing is the Patent article appears in the local newspaper – another ORIGINAL money making BRAIN WAVE I take it !!!



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