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Primary Concerns

Our primary concerns are in regards to the imminent consequences of our involvement in the WTO, NAFTA, NAU and the effects of European VAT Taxes. These issues, sometimes referred to as “free trade” in the popular press, are currently destroying the U.S. economy, yet very little is presently being written about them. We have become one of the leading sources of information on these and other topics affecting the American economy.

These issues also include:

• U.S. overdependence on imports

• Wholesale sellout of core strategic US assets to foreign acquirers

• U.S. inability to manufacture competitively

• Foreign control of vital US industries

• Dependence on credit and false wealth to maintain our current standards of living

• U.S. trade policies and other legislation contributing to these trends

Other U.S. Economic Issues

• Foreign financing of vast majority of government debt

• Outsourcing manufacturing, research, and design

• Transition to services-oriented economy

• Declining scientific, engineering, and technological prowess

• Wealth shift into less productive assets

• Record levels of personal, government, and trade deficits

• Misleading commonly used economic statistics



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