What’s in the News …


Vaccines for babies are safe, halal  —  in this short article, the Health Department declares vaccines safe.


Gerakan acts against party saboteurs

Kedah Umno backs move

Party politics never sleeps – good moves to counter future election shortcomings.

Kelantan MB negotiates political tightrope   —  more on the political and election fronts.


The cost of social mobility in Egypt  —  an interesting and eliminating look inside Egypt’s structure’s.

300-year ties with S.Africa  —  Bonds between Malaysia and S. Africa


Mafta opens gates for wider trade  —  I’m gobsmacked, I didn’t know Victoria was so talented. How could I possibly of known this – having lived in the WEST !!!


Bill Schools Barry on Syria  —  I think I’m getting the feeling, now I might be beginning to understand why some call it the ‘Public Circus’.


Most days there are many interesting and informative articles in the local newspapers as Malaysia is an up and coming Nation. I’m happy for Malaysia, it’s GOOD for the country and it’s people.


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