Prediction …

Back in 2000, while residing in Cairns, one daughter decided to depart and go back to live with her father (god knows why, she just did). Unwillingly left behind, was one well recreationally used school laptop. I decided that I was going to learn how the bloody thing worked, what it did, what I could do with it and what it was all about.

Anyone knowing me would know one of the first thing I would do. Get online, search star signs and read the predictions. I found a San Fransisco newspaper and the accompanying astrological report. Sounded good. I decided to go further, found the authors own web site. Scrolling through the site I came across a report into the future. A part of this report was predicting that in approx. 2015 – 2016 (the author had exact year, I can’t remember now which exact year it was), which seemed a hell of a long way off back then in 2000, that it was going to rain like it has never rained before.

Knowing what we/I know now about the weather, do you think that this will be possible. I’m hoping that all this advanced technology is dismantled and that nature is allowed to take it’s course, as it was originally intended. I really don’t like living in a contorted world.

Two short videos of rain. One is a down pour in Senggigi Lombok, the other is at the bus station accommodation in Lovina Bali. They tell me that the bus station accommodation is the cheapest in town. I had a double room with shower / toilet (see video) for Rp 70.000  approx.  AUD$7.00.

Tropical Rain

Rain in the Shower Lovina


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