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Worsening their Misery

I don’t know what’s going on in Selangor – the heading alone tells me that something maybe up. I have noticed an agenda of getting people off the land, out of their villages and into paid employment (aka – slavery).    Maybe a bit of election fraud!     ‘Time is the essence’ = banking on TIME and water shortage to execute the plan.     Also as far as time is concerned – look for a report in Aug Sept Oct’s paper on the outcome of water shortage in Selangor (= report to cohorts).     There is more in this article – decipher for yourselves!!!



SAFETY: Ensure report is made public

A call for transparency  —  maybe if we are lucky people are beginning to take their heads out of the sand.

—   No offense to anyone   —

—   we still have a LONG way to go   —


More can be done to safeguard children   —  Note :- this article is not a direct copy of what was reported in the hard copy – you will see approx. half way down the story changes to another article about fishing !!!

AG Malaysia

AG to proceed with case of statutory rape in Sabah

Dept ordered to check validity of man marrying rape victim

Outcry over ‘rape’ marriage

Do not expect or wait in hope, to find answers within the legal system, government &/or religion.     The ANSWER and RESPONSIBILITY lies within each and every one of us.     Do what feels right, what feels right WITHIN YOU, after quiet contemplation.     Ask yourself many questions.     You will find the answers there.     It may not be an easy journey or short, anything worth while takes time, patients and effort.

Note :- I am not against politics &/or religion – I just don’t understand them. I am a live and let live type of person, each to their own. But I see where some major lines need to be drawn. Hang in there.

keep calm


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