Pillow Vibration 4am …

I’ve been at the brunt of the latest technology for quiet sometime now (2003!!!). One of the tactics of the psychopathic controllers is to scan my body. NIGHTLY, while lying in bed my body would be scanned from underneath, the energy comes up through the earth. I wake to a vibrating bed. This is violation and rape.
From what I understand the scan reads you – exactly the results I don’t know – I’m not looking at their computer screen with my hand on my dick, over my heart, mouth or forehead !!!
To all this technological harassment, stalking and torture that I have had to endure for far to long now – I have had to find countermeasures to defeat it in order to keep my health and sanity.
Yesterday, as you know I made a small purchase, for the trial of another countermeasure. I purchased a metal spring type headband to wear. I attached two magnets, one either side, about an inch up from the top of the ear. This is to try to stop them from reading my though processes and brain activity. If this works, only time will tell.
Last night I wore the headband to bed (I just never get any peace), at 4am I woke to a vibrating pillow. They (I really mean ‘it’) was scanning my head to obviously get a reading that was missed.

The full body scan has been going on for a long time as I said earlier. It followed me to Canberra, Sydney, Maroochydore, Brisbane, Bali, Lombok, Surabaya – but stopped when I got to KL. I got a hole body scan the other night here. It was happening before I got to WV.                   One day, I was sent to a Clink appointment on false pretences, of course I blew up b/c I smelt RATS. When I got back to Little Crt BM, I laid down on the couch for a rest. This time I was scanned from above (via satellite), head to toe – the results of the reading – ‘NO TRUST’


All the information gathering collected by these assholes is used to benefit only themselves as if no one else on the earth matters. If you believe that the information gathered benefits anyone else at all, ever,then I’m sorry to inform you – YOUR DELUDED !!! (YOU’RE not seeing through the SMOKE AND MIRRORS).



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