DHL delivery to Post Office Melaka Malaysia

there is no need for the delivery of my “iherb” parcel to take a tour of Malaysia.
it was clearly addressed to c/- poste restante Melaka Malaysia.
you want to keep this antagonistic bullshit up with every thing I try to do and I’m going to start to fire real heavy duty ammunition. I’ve only played with plastic bullets up until now, but you want to keep this shit up and I warn you I have plenty in the tank to fire back. Push me to find out, I hold back now longer. You’ve been warned the journey will be slow and tortuous. Like the frog in a pond. Heat him up slowly overtime and they don’t see it coming. I’m sure you know of this military tactic. What goes round comes round.

My parcel had better be at the Melaka Post Office when I get there.



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