Antagonistic assholes …

you assholes are quick to call the pot black. You need to take a good hard look at yourselves.

Stop crying “poor”. It just makes you look like the useless pricks that you are.

Your big and brave when hiding behind the facade and technology that’s a pseudo form of protection. Get you out from behind it all and face people in the face one by one and your not so brave.

NOW getting to the point :- Toyota Camry left on consignment with Braddon Auto Mart Canberra. The money for the car had better be in the designated bank account as of Monday 11 March 2013. You have done every thing you could possibly dream up to keep money from me over the last twelve years. The most recent is Gold, Silver, JPY, CAD and IDR. When you found out I had purchased these items and currencies you did everything in your power to make sure I take a loss and that anything I do, is manufactured to make me look like I am wrong. 

If the money for the car is not deposited as indicated above, I am going to start to post evidence of your manipulation of the markets. Don’t think I don’t notice, I do. It’s your neck that will be swinging. 



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