You’re Adults, Think of Something …

This is Gerald Celente, a financial forecaster. This video recorded approx. April 2011, Gerald in the second half advises “your adults, think of something”

When it comes to solving the problems at hand I suggest we all take advice from Gerald.

this extract below has been copied from which is Alfred Adask’s comments on Gerald’s video forecast.

“Gerald Celente ( relies on a secret technology that tracks scores of economic and political indicators, balances them, and then produces a resulting prediction.  He’s achieved considerable fame by making remarkably accurate predictions.

His video and radio presentations of his predictions are generally brash, but witty and bemused.

This prediction is different.  This is the first time I’ve seen Celente so angry, so furious.  He seems almost desperate, almost terrified.  There are moments when he appears almost ready to cry. He looks like he’s caught a glimpse of End Times.

If Celente’s emotionally-charged presentation is any indication, the world may be very close to the “1st Great War of the the 21st Century.””


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