who’s the b*tch at the pharmacy getting bandage for kids blister?? (18.1.13 2.30pm Indo time) she needs cutting off at the knees. make sure she pulls her f**king head in.

_____________________________________________________ .

if you think I don’t know he was warned – D by S Adams – I do – you had better be doing something severe about the snitch  — stepping out of line is a hanging offence – enough is enough  —  no double agents either   —   NO TRUST is not going to work    —- we will just keep going along the same path as we are now     —–     LIFT YOUR GAME BOYS AND GIRLS

I detected an unhealthy disposition and I was monitoring the movements  — under neath it all the unhealthy disposition still exits that’s not going anywhere anytime soon – just a pretty front – the bloke still has his position and income, spewing venom behind the scenes – destroying good hard work  – meaning this process is only going to take longer and be harder than necessary – get my drift and points.


Malaysian Pineapples are good


YOUR ‘psychopathic piece of shit’ is entering my computer via the back door and slowly over time (froging it) changing setting so I won’t be able to do anything. It’s not the first time or the first computer. This is sabotage of every inch of my life. You want a sample !!!                                                                                          FOR FCUK SAKE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CNUT OF A THING.




right brained – meaning – I’m not handicapped


instead of judging me on how happy I am with my purchases & how many times I squeeze the puss from around the implant  —  GET A REAL JOB  &  A FCUKING LIFE  —  ASSHOLES !!!


do I need to continually put up with these WOFTAM’s trying to connect with me. I only connect with people who I deem worthy of connecting with. Surely you WOFTAM’s should have realised this by now. derrrrrrrrrrrr  Piss them off or the only connecting will be my fist and their nose, and stop draining my energy on your frivolous exercises. I truly don’t know what your trying to achieve, but it ain’t working.

I think I recognise a sign of MADNESS !!!


7are you ppl THICK, I shouldn’t have to spend my time, energy and resources fixing this problem that your psychopath created – I wrote – ‘you know where I am, have the parcel sent to me” – is that to hard to understand. I’m to busy firing bullets and fighting a war – IF YOU HADN’T NOTICED – WHERE DOES ‘REASONABLE’ STAND IN YOUR BOOK  –  OBVIOUSLY NOT THE SAME PLACE IT STANDS IN MINE.


late last night someone logged into my computer – watching the screen – the same as I endured at WV

Wednesday morning as I was preparing to leave the place of accommodation – was it really necessary to have me tested while cleaning my teeth !!! I had already said “was the whole testing thing necessary and does it have to continue” – so therefore doing it one more time when I had already spoken out was akin to being RAPED by a WOFTAM AGAIN – do you ppl have any brains at all – I DON’T THINK SO   –  FROM EXPERIENCE I KNOW YOU DON’T  – FOR FUCK SAKE GROW UP AND GET OFF YOUR OWN SELF IMPORTANCE.


I think I have someone half listening (taken you WOFTAM’s long enough and you actually get paid for what you do – not to frigging smart if you ask me) – but we have a long way to go.

yesterday when I got here I was denied power – do I need to explain the rest !!!

then later on it was wifi – do I need to explain that !!!

and what the fcuk are you people doing about the return of my parcel back to the supplier. That property rightfully belongs to me and those assholes sent it back. Are you going to let this continue – no action will give me the answer. You know where I am, prompt delivery would be appreciated.

Notice the mind set on the outcome so far on this one – it is always designed to be at my expense by way of finances, time & energy. The cnut has an impediment in the brain.


something else that needs dealing with – today when I tried to go out the front door of this building – the electronic release wouldn’t work – I WONDER WHY !!!  I know to well why and so do you. You have to do something about the psychopath. If this continues here or where ever I may be, well I may as well have stayed in AUS where I have had to endure this sort of behaviour for far to long (12 yrs full on now) e.g.:- at WV – ceasing of the garage door for up to a month at time, disabling the garage light at night, continual red traffic lights on journeys (to many to be a coincidence), triggering a radio announcement at Maroochy airport just as I’m about to enquire about accommodation over the telephone, the setting off of the fire alarm at Canberra YHA and it just goes on and on and never stops. (one of my advisors told me that it actually gets ‘turned on’ by it – now that’s sick) ‘laughing hyenas’ were no better – just as bad and they got their daily ‘kick’ as well, all at my expense. DEAL WITH IT.

The only time I got any peace was when it was building sand castles in the desert – second half 07 to late 09. Since it’s return the torture and torment has been severe. I even got down on my knees and prayed to my stones for help.


you need to get the psychopaths minions out of the computer connection (watching the screen) otherwise I’m never going to get any peace – no pleases about it


do I really need to be tested by these WOFTAM’S all the time – I get the feeling they are only interested in their own self importance  — DEAL WITH IT


the asshole in room 12 needs to pull his fcuking head in right NOW, no better still he needs be banished from the building IMMEDIATELY – there is no please or could you about it – better be done before I throw the prick out the third floor window. He is to much of a CNUT for his own good. I don’t need to be spending my time and energy dealing with these pricks – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – NOW.


took you long enough to get the prick out of room 12.


request pls – I’m picking up some TOXIC minds, not just in the accommodation house, but else where as well. Could you keep these ppl at bay. I choose to not have to put up with these. They seem to be males who aren’t getting what they want – their life is being shattered, and they’re not liking it. I don’t want to be the brunt of their dissatisfaction. thanks.

ps. if they feel the need to punch a hole in a wall, let them go do it elsewhere.

I get the feeling their time is coming to an end.

NOW i’m picking it up inside the accommodation house from a female. NOT ON. I suggest you quickly amend the situation before I snot the bitch. She seems to think her shit does not stink. It fcuking well does, and no airosol is going to cover that up. (I told you what her problem is – “she thinks her shit does not stink”, I’m afraid it does. NOT – “she’d done something to upset me”)(in other words – she’s got her head up her own ass)(are you ppl thick!!!)

there is someone in the building with an extremely toxic mind towards me, and FAR TO CLOSE for comfort. they need to be purged from the building and area immediately.


where did you get the “pretty boy” !!!


f**k the kid off with his HAARP acting or I’ll end up snotting him


keep you filthy f**king brainless goons at a distance – including the food givers and takers –


you think “SORRY” is going to make it better

think again asshole


there is nothing in the world but

whores, liars, thieves and cheeky young boys (more c*nts in the making)


nano robotics turd diving


what could you do in the blink of an eye !!!

go ahead make my day


if my gift is 1000 jabs to the neck for being so smart

what’s your gift for being so dumb !!!


Ubud – I ordered a HOT cappuccino, made with cows milk

received – a cold cappuccino made from coconut milk

“we don’t want you here”

you don’t want me here – meaning you don’t want me anywhere !!!

disrupting your comfort zone am I !!!  oh poor didams … I feel so sorry for you …

get the f**k over it !!!

and stop thinking your the only person on the earth entitled to breath the air !!!


“Ubud” – “OOBud” – now this one takes the cake. I spent 5 hrs tossing and turning and took approx. 16 Valerian tablets to try and get some sleep. This absolute moronic bitch of a thing without a brain in it’s skull, when I finally to get to sleep, she is in my ear lecturing me about how it’s pronounced “OOBud” not “UBub”. Someone get the f**king gun and put this one out of her misery for Christ sake.


Brazilian prostitutes learning English in preparation for 2014 W Cup – now that’s important.

why aren’t they given the opportunity to live a decent life.


“don’t you know any other words in your repertoire” – poor thing – not getting what you want.

the word(s) goes where it/they fit(s)

maybe you could employ using your own brain for a change – now that’s a task for you !!!

lazy f**king moron

I’ve never known such lazy, selfish pricks who think the world is laid out JUST for them.


approx. 1.15am 8 March 2013 – wash basins, shower toilet area.

make sure the moronic bitch trying to hide behind the horn rimmed glasses pulls her f**king head in. Next time I have to endure same s/he will have their head jammed between the two basins. If the f**king moronic bitch of a thing had one ounce of the wherewithal – then she’d be doing it, she doesn’t. If she exerted her own energy to come to any conclusion what so ever, she’d be a lot better person. “Do you have to dominate everything” – you want to start “thought crimes”, I’ll give you such a run for your money, you’ll wish you NEVER ever thought of “thought crimes”.

and any goon trying to hide behind a pair of horned rimmed glasses will be retrieving the glasses from their ass via their tonsils.


get a real job – BITCH – one that is actually productive

games up

who’s blood have you been drinking


smoke & mirrors in the name of ‘good’

smoke & mirrors in the name of ‘evil’


I’d say no-one wants to admit it’s there by doing something about it or it’s on purpose to torture me.

what – you all gone to celebrate Chinese new yr!!!


hello – anyone there!!!  can anyone do anything about this screeching in my ear !!!


is it possible for someone to do something about this :-

I have a sound in my right ear. it’s like a domestic fire alarm when the battery is running out. it’s defiantly inside the ear b/c when I cut outside noise off with my finger the sound is in the ear. I have an implant behind my right ear, most likely the sound is being caused by this.

Note :- this implant and many others that I endure have been inserted without my consent. they do great damage to me consistently. The one above my left ear is used regularly by those with the capacity to do so, sometimes there is even a traffic jam (“they’re communicating”!!). I hate to have to inform you people but this is akin to being continually raped. What goes on inside my head is private and should remain that way.

What’s more I took ownership of all collateral 11.9.12, which includes the contents of my head. This has not been honored and still is not. That included what I’m thinking on a second by second basis.

you people and your system(s) have absolutely no creditability. You do not know when to draw the line.


could someone pls do something about the beggar outside the Maybank. His foot is just about to drop off. he must be in a lot of pain. some good medical treatment would be great as well as getting him back on his feet. thanks


go and f**k Charlotte for Christ sake and leave me alone


your nothing but a psychopathic piece of shit that loves no one but your f**king self.

get OFF YOUR F**KING SELF for Christ sake – asshole


you’ll be sorry, really sorry you pushed me


do you have a f**king brain at all

give me power for this computer and stop sabotaging my life to the “N”th degree

or I’m going to be saying some thing your not going to like

I’ve held my self back, but be warned – NO LONGER

it’s your choice – you brainless turd


nice trick with the power, moron, hoping I’d talk to your brainless goons !!!


quit sending in your goons to take photo’s of me when I’m in the middle of the pool, or anywhere esle for that matter. I’m not a side show.


if you morons think you’re giving the game away, you did a bloody long time ago. just proves how idiotic u ppl are.

proof was in the pudding. ha ha

time to get a real life and a real job and get off your bloody selves. morons.


“Soma” turn the blokes power back on, NOW. leave the bloke and his business alone, do not interfere, I’m not eating anywhere else no matter what. don’t bother opening a cafe in competition b/c I won’t be eating there. comprehenda !!!


you want to know “how to get money out of the touts”

these ppl have nothing & you want to get something out of nothing, then that’ll be a miracle.

Why don’t you just shoot them & take what they have, then you’ll have it all.

I know where the bullet should go, take a look in the mirror & fire.

reasonable ppl help their fellow man, woman & child. Unreasonable ppl don’t.


and yes I have the same f**king undies on as I had on yesterday, you want to sniff the f**kers ???

if I jab with a sharp knife the area where the “light is split” am I going to see liquid of a “RED” colour !!!



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